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Date: Fri, Jun 21st 2024

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How to make $2,500 per day through affiliate marketing in 2022 and beyond

Topic Started By: goddy       Created: Thu, Jul 7th, 2022, 5:46 pm

Adam Enfroy makes over two thousand five hundred dollars daily from affiliate marketing. The truth is that literally anyone can start affiliate marketing for themselves, and it doesn't really take any money to get started. That two thousand five hundred dollars a day that is seventy-five thousand dollars a month or nine hundred thousand dollars a year. And you can check out his blog income reports if you want to see the actual bank statements and proof so that you can see that it's just one of his revenue streams.

Now, that's all still really crazy for him to think. It wasn't that long ago he was making about 42,000 dollars a year as a digital marketer. He was living with his brother and was scraping by to pay rent. His life is entirely different today, and out of all the revenue streams, affiliate marketing truly changed everything for him.

So, in this video, he will cover affiliate marketing step by step. He covers the easiest parts of affiliate marketing and the hardest parts for beginners. If you stay tuned to the end, he will give you his simple five-step framework to grow from zero to affiliate hero. Before he gets started, he wants to invite you to watch his free masterclass on how to begin a lucrative blogging business. This masterclass gives you his content, link building and affiliate marketing strategies, exactly how he built a blog to over 150,000 dollars a month and let's get into the topic for today.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

How to Start Affiliate MarketingWhen it comes to affiliate marketing today, this is an actual business model, and there's a major problem on YouTube and TikTok when you search for affiliate marketing advice. If you search for it and start scrolling through, you find that it's all low-value tactics about spamming people with links using ClickBank, trying these shady courses, intriguing Instagram traffic or Pinterest links. These things where you're sending Facebook posts to your family to make money, it's really targeting the low value, easy, simple but not sustainable ways of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is an actual business model. Some major blogs, YouTubers, and huge sites use affiliate marketing, but first, we must realize that affiliate marketing is not necessarily easy. It's not a thing you can do in a week and post a link; there's a secret formula where you start making money.

Affiliate marketing is a business model; the truth is you are getting links and clicks via your affiliate links. So, to get clicks to links, you need volume, ongoing, evergreen clicks to your affiliate links. You don't want to be spamming your family weekly on Facebook or constantly posting on Instagram, trying to get scraped by with pennies. You want to make thousands of dollars monthly with affiliate marketing, so you need an ongoing evergreen audience.

Affiliate Marketing on YouTube and Google

When we think about the world today, in the 2020s, where is the world's online audience? Where are people searching for information? YouTube and Google. If I were to bet on two of these companies in web 2.0, there would always be here: Google and YouTube. So, that is where all the affiliate money is made. The hardest part of affiliate marketing is actually getting your initial audience. These are the two types of keywords you can go after and two types of videos you can go after, but really the simplest format is these best transactional posts.

If you go to https://youtube.com, for example, and type best VPN, you will see different VPN affiliates. Click a random one, go to the description area, and see various affiliate links. So, in these types of best roundups, either videos or blog posts, they will review and recommend multiple companies, have various affiliate links, and there are discounts here, but this is a volume game. The same idea applied to Google. The best category list post gets consistent, ongoing traffic via Google and YouTube.

This is not a scam of ClickBank, posting links here and going to forums and adding them to Instagram, TikTok and all those things. There are two ways to do it, YouTube and Google and the best way to do that are with the best transactional list posts. So, that's the unfortunate hard truth about affiliate marketing. You need ongoing and consistent clicks on your affiliate links. The interesting way to do that is by either starting a YouTube channel or a blog to get traffic and clicks from either YouTube or Google.

How to Join Affiliate Programs

Here's the good news when it comes to affiliate marketing. The easiest part is joining these programs and getting affiliate links. So, here's an example, you search on Google for ExpressVPN https://www.expressvpn.com/. Another one is ShareASale https://www.shareasale.com/info/ affiliate program, and you will see their affiliate program signup tab or link and follow the on-screen instructions.

To get approved:

  1. Have a website
  2. Have an email address from your domain
  3. Establish communication with the affiliate manager

Try to talk to somebody at the company if you're starting, email them, and tell them you found their information on LinkedIn. I am just starting this website. There's a lot of potential here. I'd love to promote you, and they probably will still approve you for the program. So, those are ways to get approved when filling out affiliate signup forms.

Join the programs and add a little bit of your information. It's always good to add information about how you plan to promote the affiliate program from the beginning. So, you would say you have over five hundred thousand monthly readers at http://gtkforum.com here are the two to three articles that I'm going to promote you guys in. I look forward to hearing back from you. Something simple like that but giving some context and background is essential, and if you're starting and you don't have any traffic yet, you can still say I'm just starting. I'm growing this personal brand. You can do it that way. 

So, those are the easy parts.

The secret formula is actually getting traffic. How do you get hundreds of thousands of people to click on them? That's with traffic. So, you need a content plan to get consistent clicks on your affiliate links, either on your YouTube channel or on your blog.

Your Affiliate Marketing Content Plan

Your Affiliate Marketing Content PlanA content plan that's not going to take up too much of your time. Moreove, here are a couple of examples of that. You can use a tool like Jarvis that's hooked up with surfer SEO https://surferseo.com/ to write an article about the best VPNs, and you can see that when you start typing, AI writing tools can help speed up this process for you, and you can create these monetizable affiliate list posts pretty quickly.

So, you can type something like "when choosing the best VPN service" put a comma and hit compose to see what the AI writing tool comes up with. There are many features to consider. Price and security are all important, but the best VPN service provider-specific to your niche. Here's a list of the seven best VPN services of 2022 ranked in order from the best tour. It starts writing, and then you can keep going and just say, hey, compose more.

So, these AI writing tools, along with SEO scores on the side, would tell you exactly what keywords to put in these articles are very helpful in creating and optimizing blog posts that rank on search engines and get consistent traffic.

The other one is YouTube, which is a bit tougher because unless you're not going to outsource everything to another person, trust them on camera and give them laser-sharp outlines and precisely what to cover. You are going to do YouTube yourself, get the equipment, lighting, the microphones and go into the screen recording software if you are going to review things, maybe the product if you're reviewing. 

So, that is with an outline. Just write down the script to follow when recording. It is nice to use a tool like vidIQ https://vidiq.com/ which you can find exactly what keywords to go after so, for example, you can look at the dashboard and search for the best VPN, and it gives you different scores based on opportunity, the competition, search volume on YouTube and all these other things.

So, with YouTube and blogging, you have to create a consistent content plan based on keyword research, content assembly either in YouTube video format or blog post format and create a structure and a content plan around that.

5 Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing

The five simple steps to get started with affiliate marketing.

  1. You need a source of ongoing traffic, either a YouTube channel where people are finding you in that algorithm consistently and using those best transactional types of videos or a blog where people are googling and finding that information every single month. So, that's the hard part that gets into many different strategies. Adam covers a lot of that on his YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/AdamEnfroy and blog.
  2. In creating a content plan, where you are a blogger or YouTuber, you need a consistent schedule of content based on keyword research on what people are searching for and an assembly method to assemble this content as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  3. Join affiliate programs. This is the easy part from here on out. It's easy you join affiliate programs, search on Google for affiliate programs in your niche, join them, send them to your website, fill out those forms, and then that's pretty much it.
  4. Add your affiliate links. Those are simple, too. Go into your affiliate dashboard, and grab the link. If it's a YouTube video, you put it in the description. Maybe you add the discount if there's anything there but make sure to talk about it in the YouTube video when you are reviewing the product like ExpressVPN. Make sure to click that link below for the 75% discount. It's my number one choice, and if it's a blog post, the same thing. You're just putting in a text-based link placing with a call to action saying this is the affiliate link. You also want to disclose that there're affiliate links, especially on blog posts. Have a sentence that's an affiliate disclaimer. You can find many of those online. The same thing with YouTube. Make sure that you say it's an affiliate link. That's it.
  5. Get clicks and get paid. It's that simple. Affiliate monetization is not a by-product of some hack, ClickBank, Pinterest, Instagram, or some low-value tactic. It is a direct by-product of your content efforts, link building, and all of these things that help grow your traffic.


How to make $2,500 per day through affiliate marketing in 2022 and beyond

How to make $2,500 per day through affiliate marketing in 2022 and beyond

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