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Date: Mon, Apr 15th 2024

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Automotive eCommerce Solutions

Topic Started By: magemonkeys24       Created: Thu, Mar 4th, 2021, 10:22 am

Mage Monkeys creates an automotive eCommerce website that focuses on your target audience. We provide the complete solution for an online shopping website, which includes end to end automotive eCommerce solution with features like Vin-based research, user-friendly shopping cart, etc. We blend the right features to make your online business much simpler, faster, and smarter.

Read more: https://www.magemonkeys.com/automotive-magento-ecommerce-solution/

Our Automotive eCommerce Features

  • Parts Finder (Make/Model/Year)

Parts Finder (make/model/year) filter will direct customers to their desired product. This feature is specially built for the automotive industry.

  • Elastic Search / VIN Search

VIN search adds more flexibility to browse quickly and get a product with the right vehicle fit. This feature is the best companion of MMY searching.

  • Garage & Service Management

Garage & service management allows your customer to book or contact the garage for service requirements. The customer needs to register to connect to authorize garage chain.

  • Wholesale Order Tracking

With this feature, you can get it all in one place right from placing bulk orders to avail bulk pricing discount. You get separate access for the whole customer.

  • Multi-channel Integration

The solution can be integrated flawlessly with in-store POS, ERP, CRM and facilitates seamless information flow crosses the information channel.

  • Print Catalogue

Print catalogue feature will integrate with your solution to serve an offline channel sale. It comes in a predefined format.

  • Supplier Integration (Vendor Panel)

Our automotive solution will let you connect to OEM and aftermarket suppliers which means you can manage orders and commission based on sales of the supplier.

  • Ancillary Personalization

Let your customer customize the model with this innovative feature. Here they can look at the ancillary is best suited to their model.

  • OEM Vs. Aftermarket Pricing Matrix

Help your customer in making a more informed decision with a balance between cost and quality based on the choice of OEM or aftermarket auto part.

At Mage Monkeys, we offer our clients the best in web design because we deliver a high-quality professional website at an effective price than other similar services by automotive website design agencies located in places like the USA, Canada, or Western Europe. For more information on our rates and services, please drop us a line!

Automotive eCommerce Solutions

Automotive eCommerce Solutions

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