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Date: Fri, Dec 8th 2023

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The 6 Best Video Chat Solutions for Virtual Learning:

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Here is a list of the 6 best video chat solutions for virtual learning those are best suited for broadcasting educational content and remote learning.

1. MirrorFly

MirrorFly offers communication modules using text, real-time voice and video calls. It offers the best video chat solution for education and online learning. Through MirrorFly teachers can interact with students as well as parents. This virtual classroom software augments students’ learning and creates a higher level of involvement. You as a teacher can build communities for timely and effective interactions. MirrorFly is a 100% customizable software, easy to launch and use providing end-to-end support. The software allows student’s academic performance to be analysed with tools such as video conferencing and other interactive modules. MirrorFly can be used on mobiles and as a web application with real-time notifications. This further creates student engagement and increases student participation. Currently, the software has more than 1 million concurrent users and offers 5X faster interaction across devices.

2. Zoom

Zoom is the best interactive video platform in virtual learning. It has assisted many schools and colleges around the globe by offering a quick shift to remote virtual learning during the current pandemic. This virtual learning solution has maintained the productive environment of a traditional classroom setting. Zoom has many features created to regulate online classrooms, avoid interruption and help teachers interact in a remote setting effectively. Zoom offers complete control to educators! Teachers can limit screen sharing, lock chat access between a participant and even remove participants from the virtual classroom. Zoom provides virtual education systems. Teachers can also incorporate hardware devices such as tabs, computers or enlarged screens that can massively enhance the learning experience.

3. WebEx

WebEx is a virtual classroom software built by Cisco. Virtual learning with WebEX is impactful and delivers advanced online training modules. With WebEXyou can be certain that your students are engaged during as well as after the online sessions. With WebEx display presentations, host webinars, stream videos, etc. Teachers can also boost participation using WebEXtools like chat systems and whiteboard. With WebEx, you can create a remarkably authentic virtual classroom experience. Apart from being easy to use, WebEx offers boundless online sessions, integrated audio systems and tools to share content. Teachers and students can record classes for future reference. Teachers can also enhance productivity with WebEX through professional training, online lectures and group projects.

4. Skype

Skype is one of the most well-known virtual learning platforms that connect teachers to students effectually. Skype is simpler compared to other virtual classroom software available in the market. You can make audio and video calls, hold audio and video conference calls and chats. The main page is simple and does not have too much information. Teachers and students can easily download Skype, sign up for free and start using it! Skype provides students and teachers with the possibility to participate in a constructive virtual environment. It is a virtual learning system that offers student expansion and development. For example — MysterySkype an instructive game that connects two classrooms from different locations or SAMR model which is an analytic tool integrated into a classroom.

5. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a virtual learning system that can be accessed for free. Developed by Google, this software creates an environment that lets teachers allocate classwork and share notices. Educators usually propose assignments, give-out questions, use subjects to organize classwork, design modules or units and manage all of it in an orderly manner. Teachers and students can also connect the classroom with the Google Calendar and Class Drive to aptly set deadlines and share work files. To enrol, students are generally provided with a class code by their teacher. They can be personally invited as well once an account is created. Google Classroom is focused on offering paperless and operative techniques of virtual teaching and learning. Moreover, the powerful tools offered by Google Classroom creates an ideal space for both educators and learners.

6. MS Teams

MS Teams is a virtual classroom software offered by Microsoft. With MS Teams educators can systemise an exciting learning environment for their students. MS Teams is a digital space built for conversations, content, and integrated apps. This platform does not just offer video chat for virtual classrooms but also has built-in tools. For example — the OneNote Class Notebooks for end-to-end assignment management or the Professional Learning Communities for sharing study material. Such tools permit educators to organize interactive lessons and deliver timely suggestions.


Did you know that the Global Virtual Classroom Software Market is expected to have a momentous growth between the forecasted period of 2020 to 2027? The study conducted by GMA reportedly claims that the Global Virtual Classroom Software Market is at a phase of becoming the world’s most important market. It will also play an imperative role in constructing a progressive impact on the global economy. This practically states that a larger number of institutions are adapting to virtual classroom software solutions.

So, do not be left behind! Make use of virtual classroom software solutions to connect with your students from across the world. Through virtual learning platforms keep your students focused and engage in high-quality real-time content. Make use of interactive tools to reduce distraction and have more active learners within the classroom


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