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Date: Fri, Dec 1st 2023

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How to make eCommerce store trustworthy?

Topic Started By: audreyzack       Created: Wed, Sep 30th, 2020, 8:07 am

Trust is one of the most important factors to choose your eCommerce site to make a purchase. It does not matter how the better the product you are selling, how better the speed of the website and excellent usability. To convince your buyers to make purchase foremost thing you are required to do is gain their trust. According to the Salesforce Research, 95% purchase action has been done from the company customers is trust. In order to gain trust, no single solution will be worked. Here are some simple tweaks that help you make your eCommerce site secure and trustworthy:

-Conduct regular audits on security to gather information about the targeted audience. Another benefit of security help is you can also measure the effectiveness of your audit team.

-Train your staff for how to create unique PWs, the procedure to maintain a sound document system and the importance of reporting suspicious online activity.

-Google shows all the website without SSL certification as a “not secure” which indicates without it, your website have chances to lose potential customers. To get SSL certificate is your website does not have to authenticate the identity of the website and encrypt the data which is being transmitted.

-Keep your data storage location as secure as possible if you want to reduce the pool of people who can view all necessary data.

-Some people overlook the importance of software update which need not much expertise and time. But it has a huge impact on security.

After implementing all these steps, the chances of data theft will be quite slim. You can also take the support of eCommerce Development Company who has better expertise and hand-on experience on various security aspects on multiple platforms. 


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