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Date: Wed, Oct 27th 2021

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Rules for writing the perfect essay (142 Views)

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Essay writing An important component of many international English tests is essay writing. Take our advice!

Essay writing is a very challenging skill that requires an excellent knowledge of the studybay reviews. You can easily pass this test by taking advantage of our tips.

Start thinking about your essay topic as early as possible. Allowing enough time will give you the opportunity to gather as much information as you need. If you concentrate completely on thinking about a topic, you will soon notice that the necessary data appears as if by itself.

A similar effect occurs when memorizing a new word, when it suddenly appears more frequently than before. Since you are attuned to information of a certain type, you pay attention to it first.

First, try to sketch out a rough outline of your essay. Systematize all the information you have on the subject. This will help you determine the future direction of your work. Make a rough outline of the essay, write down the main questions that you will need to answer. As you go through the material, you will add more specific questions to this list.

Don't be afraid to start
It's said that even the most accomplished writers occasionally feel insecure and apprehensive before tackling a new work. That's all the more forgivable for you, so sit down and start creating. You can start with anything you like, don't worry about style and spelling. The main thing is to get off the ground. Once you've sketched out your main theses, start working out the structure of your essay in detail.

When typing your essay on a computer, you can rearrange pieces of text as you need. If you take notes on paper, leave a few blank lines after each main thought to complete it later. Try to stick to the classic structure: introduction - main part - conclusion.

This part usually provides general comments on the essay, listing key concepts. Indicate what issues of the given topic you are going to consider. Don't forget that the essay is a short essay, mention only the most basic points of the essay.

From a properly drafted introduction, it is clear that you understand the topic and intend to provide answers to the questions posed. The outline of the essay gives an idea of its structure and main aspects. In the introduction, you mention the research you have done and give references to sources. The ideal volume of this part is no more than 10% of the entire essay. For example, if the entire essay is 2,000 characters, the introduction should not exceed two hundred characters.

At the beginning of the essay, use boilerplate phrases such as "This paper is about...", "This essay will examine...", etc. Then you should repeat or slightly modify the wording of the question asked. For example, the question is as follows: "Consider the latest innovations in computer technology." So, the introduction can sound like this: "This paper will analyze the latest developments in computer technology. Definitions should be clear, allowing no ambiguous interpretation.

To make the outline more specific, use phrases such as:

"First, it will address..."
"This report is divided into three parts..."
"Next, we will move on to a description of..."
"As a result, we will draw conclusions about..."
Main part
In the main part you need to set out all the arguments, supporting them with illustrations and examples. Based on the logic of the narrative, the text should be divided into paragraphs. Compose the structure of the essay in such a way that from the main part you can move smoothly to the conclusion.

In the conclusion you should draw conclusions from all the ideas presented. In this way, you are answering the main question addressed in the essay. If it is stipulated by the topic, you need to mention the consequences and prospects of the phenomenon under study. You can share your views, remembering to support them with arguments.



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