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Date: Sat, Sep 26th 2020

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Is Bitcoin mining fruitful? (18 Views)

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Nowadays, the Bitcoin mining operations are dominating the digital space. In this article, we clarify whether Bitcoin mining is worthwhile or not?

Generally, Bitcoin mining can be a tricky thing to determine if it is completely safe in the digital world and if it is cost-effective? 

Bitcoin mining is a method of earning Bitcoins in exchange for validating bitcoin transactions. Even though these transactions are high secured they need to be validated and through which in return miners earn bitcoins. 

Many individual miners ask themselves, is bitcoin mining still profitable?

This question arises mainly because of the change in technologies, shifting prices of Bitcoins, and much more. 

Many factors determine whether bitcoin mining is a profitable business or not. Factors include the availability and price of the computer system, the cost of electricity to power the system, and the complexity in providing the service. 

The current state of bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining operates with thousands of ASICs under one roof.  These operations benefit both the economic as well as the financial scale. 

As per research, the Bitcoin Hashrate has not reached its all-time high from March 2020. Perhaps this is due to the pandemic crisis. However, this won’t last for a longer period, and at some point, the Hashrate will break the old records. 

Hashrate is a measure of a miner’s computational power. Simply put, it is a computational arms race where the organization or individuals with the most  Hashrate will be able to mine the most bitcoins.

If there is a high Hashrate, it is more difficult to profit from mining. If there is a high Hashrate, there will be more miners, which means you will earn less by mining. So it is essential to consider the Hashrate before you start mining. 

Is Bitcoin mining profitable? 

The short answer is yes, but thinking of financial investment, perhaps not! 

From the financial point of view, you need electricity, strong technical understanding to optimize your ASICs’ operation, and, most importantly, plain luck. 

If people are interested in mining, a tool like bitcoin mining profitability calculator can help the user decide whether the mining is worth it or not. 

The main consideration while running a cost-benefit analysis is that the Bitcoin ASIC will allow the user to mine different coins, including BTC, BCH, BCHSV, etc. This allows the user to swap between networks to leverage opportunities.

So mining bitcoin is usually the most profitable opportunity that one could think of, and you should not count on a financial windfall from mining other coins. 

Wondering where to mine bitcoins?

Surprisingly, bitcoin mining can also be done with the P2P crypto exchange platform and if you are worried about finding a P2P exchange platform, well you are at the right spot! 

Blockchain Firm offers you a P2P crypto exchange platform with avant-garde features that helps you to mine bitcoins in a hassle-free manner. 

Bottom line

Probably the best idea is to make mining a hobby. Bitcoin mining is perhaps profitable, perhaps not, but the experience you gain is the real work. Just stock up some bitcoins for the future when a new bull market begins, and you can benefit from the rising price. 


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