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Date: Sat, Sep 26th 2020

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5 Ways to Build the Future You Want (148 Views)

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The 5 ways to build the future you want

  1. Finding the one:

To build your ideal future you need to find the one, am not talking about your soul mate. Am talking about the One Skill, One Project, or One Habit that will help you realize your goals. This concept comes from bestselling Author Gary Keller who realized that every success story begins with one thing. One new skill, one new habit, and one hurdle you are trying to overcome. Now building your future may sound like an impossible feat. How does someone develop their career, start their family, and shape their lifestyle all at once? These lofty dreams may overwhelm you with questions, responsibilities, and doubts. You do not know the rules; you do not know where to start. Therefore, you try to accomplish a million things at the same time but you do not need to accomplish all these things to build the future you have always wanted. You only need to focus on one.

Right now, ask yourself this question. What is the one thing I can do to improve my life? If you are feeling unsatisfied in your career, think about how to start yourself on a new path. If you are struggling with a bad habit, think about how you can reshape your routines. Starting today, this is your ONE THING.

Now, over the next 6 months, you are going to focus on making this one thing, and only this one thing a reality. Do not worry about your other goals. Don’t worry about the things you are not doing because concentrating on one thing will help you accomplish that one thing. Instead of wishing you could transition your career, you could take the first step to the job you love. Instead of wishing, you had a healthier habit you could knock out your bad habits off your list. Then when you have accomplished The One Thing, you can move on to the next thing. You could do it all over again, spend six more months doing something else. Commit, Focus, and Block Out everything else, until have learned this new skill or overcome its obstacles, you only have one priority.

Moreover, just like that, you will never waste another year stock in the same spot. You will not let yourself get intimidated by all the possibilities. You have used the last twelve months to PROPEL YOURSELF FORWARD.

To lunch your life into the future that you have always wanted all by focussing on only one thing.

  1. THE 100 RULE

Do you give up on something that does not go your way, do you try maybe once or twice and then throw in the towel? Most people do, most aspire to learn, grow, and improve but they do not have the persistence to change. They abandon their dreams after failing once. They convince themselves that they are not good enough, they do not know enough or they are not talented enough but there is an efficient and straightforward way to learn and accomplish anything. You simply DO IT 100 TIMES.

The 100 Rule will be your guide to a brighter future. It helps you narrow down your goals and then pushes you to grow as an individual. It challenges you to overcome your own fears while gradually teaching you to EMBRACE REPETITION.

Hi! Let us say you want to start your own podcast. You have always dreamed of running and starting your own show but you have not made any concrete steps to get there. You have tried once or twice to record an episode but it never turns out the way you want. If you really want your own podcast, you need to ask yourself this simple question. WOULD I BE WILLING TO PRACTISE BY RECORDING 100 EPISODES OF MY PODCAST? If the answer is no, you may not be very motivated or committed to this dream. If the answer is yes, your perseverance is going to help you learn about your craft and open new doors for your success because any ambition no matter what or where requires tons of practice.

In the beginning, you do not know what you are doing, you do not know how to judge yourself or gauge your own progress. That takes TIME, PRACTICE, and a whole lot of PATIENCE.

The 100 Rule gives you all free. So, pick your aspiration, challenge your motivation, and start practising today.


Sometimes, GOALS AND DREAMS are not worth pursuing. We often fantasize about the love and the ambition that would never be accomplished not because we cannot but because they are just not realistic.

All right, let us define the term “REALISTIC”. This is the word that gets around a lot when discussing success. Maybe, you see a job that falls above you pay grade and you think that is just not realistic. Maybe, you envision yourself pursuing a career in the Arts but you give up because it was not realistic. This is not the kind of realistic we are talking about. In this context, “REALISTIC” is SELF-DEFEATING, PESSIMISTIC and DISCOURAGING. You are using the term to describe the dream you do not have the confidence to pursue but fear should never prevent you from chasing your dreams. No goal is TOO LOFTY, TOO DIFFICULT, or TOO UNLIKELY.

However, some dreams just do not make sense for you as an individual. This is the kind of “REALISTIC” you should pay attention to. Let us say you dream of a career in Arts yet you do not spend much time doing creative things. Maybe, you dream of being the first man on Mars yet you never liked anything scientific. These dreams are unrealistic because they are not a good match for your individual passions. They may sound fond and fulfilling but they do not make sense for you. That is why if you want to create your future IT IS IMPORTANT TO BE REALISTIC. Chase the dreams and goals that are right for you. Do not waste time pursuing the Arts if you are not passionate about the Arts. Don’t pursue a career simply because you like the idea or lifestyle. Instead, concentrate on subjects, hobbies, and courses that light your fire.

Spend time getting to know YOURSELF AND YOUR GENUINE ASPIRATIONS and that way you can choose the right direction for your life long success.


Everyone has a story; everyone is struggling in his or her own way. You face roadblocks in your life. You have been HELD BACK, LABELLED, and JUDGED. You have STUMBLED, FLOPPED, and made MISTAKES. Everyone has a history full of failures and obstacles but those obstacles do not define you, your past does not control you and your STORY CAN ALWAYS CHANGE.

One of the most effective ways to shape your future is to revisit your past. You have to separate yourself from the LABELS, OBSTACLES, and EXPECTATIONS that have held you back.

To find your ideal future, you have to free yourself from the limitations of your story.

All right, let us say years ago, you started your own business; you poured everything into this project. You chased success. You reached for the stars and you thought for just a moment that your dreams would come true but you fell flat on your face. Your business went bankrupt. Your aspirations crumbled and you began to tell yourself A STORY OF FAILURE.

You failed once, so you convinced yourself that you fail for life. Nevertheless, what if you had told the same story IN A DIFFERENT WAY? Instead of concentrating on your failures let us focus on your successes. You were an entrepreneur pursuing success with restless abandon. You were a courageous dreamer overcoming your doubts and fears. You were a dedicated businessman learning from your own mistakes. All three of these stories describe the same person. YES, YOU FAILED. YES, SOMETHING NEGATIVE HAPPENED IN YOUR PAST but there are plenty of positive too.

To create or build the future you have always wanted, you need to find the silver lining in your past and you need to use that silver lining to motivate your success in the present. For better or for worse your story got you where you are today. Your story sets you on a path for REINVENTION, PROGRESS, and SUCCESS.

Remember that every new day, every new moment is a chance to rewrite your history to change the direction of your life and to begin building the future you have always wanted. You should never let past mistakes invent you otherwise.  


In life, you learn many things. You explore new subjects. You adopt new skills. You dive headfirst in the passion project and emerge yourself a new lifestyle. To create or build the future you want it is important to recognize when an IDEA, a HABIT, or LIFESTYLE has become outdated.

As you venture into unknown territory, your opinions may change a thousand times. One day you will insist that you know the best way of doing something but overnight new knowledge can flip your world on its head. That is why it is so important to REFINE AND STREAMLINE your life. Be willing to get rid of things that do not make sense anymore.

According to a number of successful people, clinking to outdated concepts is a RECIPE FOR DISASTER. People who live stubbornly in the past stay in the past. The people who grow and change overtime excel into the future.

So, take a look at the habits you maintain, the ideas you support, and the values you abide by. Instead of blindly following what you know, challenge your traditions, ask yourself if your habits, opinions, and values still make sense in your life. Some ideas would stick with you for decades, others would come and go. However, the most important thing is you are willing to learn and change. Then as you pursue your dreams, your ability to change will keep you moving in the right direction.

5 Ways to Build the Future You Want

5 Ways to Build the Future You Want

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