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Date: Sun, Apr 18th 2021

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Healthcare industries are booming with Advanced AI Technology used in Mobile Apps (154 Views)

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The Healthcare sector is fast-growing and adding new technologies to serve the people at any cost. Health sector playing a vital role in the Covid19 Pandemic situation to eradicate the disease and to take preventive measures to help the people. There are a huge number of healthcare specialists available on the digital platform to help their patients at any circumstance with help of the advanced technologies. The mobile health application helps to 48% of healthcare consumers, The Healthcare users consider using the digital platform as it is required for consulting and isolated monitoring aspects.

People are started using a mobile app solution to consult healthcare providers.

How AI-based App is efficient in healthcare apps

Earlier Mobile apps are used for scheduling, organizing medical records of the patients. Nowadays, With help of AI technology, they provide peculiar diet plans, health check-up reminders to particular patients. Remote caring has become as good as in-person care, with the way new technologies have been utilized by mobile apps.

AI started occupying healthcare mobile apps as it is advanced to help the people in remote areas and need as in-person care.

Let us discuss which are the ways healthcare industries revolutionized by mobile apps.

On-Demand Healthcare Apps

OnDemand solution is a facility the health care customers can avail the opportunity to check for the niche, reviews, and ratings for particular service. it also allows them to book the appointment on logging to the mobile apps and it helps to be aware of the availability of a particular physician on time. it also helps the physician about the number of patients to be checked.

Personalized Cares

Generally, mobile apps provide remote treatments according to the data entered by the patients that fit "one size fits all". whereas in-person treatments in which AI technology with a bunch of data that you need to provide to the system. Based on the interpretation of this data, the system will automatically give out the predictive personalized healthcare solution. this kind of alteration and service offered by mobile apps will extend the usage and improve the health conditions of the user.

Automated Admins Assitant

In the case of hospitals, cleanliness is a prime factor for the admin to ensure the clean environment to the patients as well as doctors. 

Automated admins with a combination of IoT and AI can be added to ensure the cleanliness of the environment by deploying sensors.

AI will ensure that it learns from past habits and work processes, and set a peculiar method and process in place. Accordingly, the admin will be reminded of the tasks done and the tasks that are still to be done. In this way, the AI system can be applied and even it can assign jobs and schedules for the process to be done and reminders to be done process.

Organizing Health Records

One of the biggest issues among the healthcare industries is maintaining health care records as it is essential to secure the diagnoses results, prescriptions to be saved. It is significant to organize and store the structured and unstructured for the medical practitioners, it may be used to the case study or research. AI techniques like image processing, NLP, and character recognition, with that it can easily convert all the data formats into a single format, and keep the format relevant and convenient.

Predictive Healthcare Features

For instance users not able to keep up with various diagnostics for certain conditions. In Mobile Apps, with help of AI techniques, you can use relevant data, analysis to diagnose the condition and its treatment methods in the initial stage of the disease.

In a mobile app with AI, you can check swine flu, and able to access the treatment personalized for it. this diagnosis can be done at home, thus guaranteeing both speed and comfort.

Big Data in AI to Explorations New Medicine

Big Data with AI combination is simply a great idea where it can be widely used in Healthcare industries. The researchers can use these technological advancements to avail access to analysis, insights, and learning from the past data. It tremendously helps to the R & D scholars to have innovative drugs for unknown medication for certain medical conditions.

Empowered Patients

Mobile Apps combining AI with Wearable Technology attains the great improvements in the patient's health. The wearable technology used to the patient's data where it is used by AI to process the relevancy for certain persons' medical conditions and diagnose in advance so that medical treatments can be started at the early stage of the disease. Wearable Technology is nothing but sensors used in smart bands to calculate the heart rate, steps walked, calories burned, etc



The Impact of AI technique on healthcare Mobile Apps is increasing day by day, as a result of more usage of smartphones among Patients and health care providers. With AI technology researchers able to discover new medicines for the medical conditions.

Ultimately, technology will help make better app solutions and create more possibilities for mobile health solutions.

Combining Artificial Intelligence with other value add technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, AR and Big Data will help deliver better and responsible solutions for the end-users.





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