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Date: Thursday, August 6th 2020

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What is an on-demand mechanic app and the crucial features required to run this business (12 Views)

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Getting a car repaired in the middle of the road is a tiring process, especially when you are on the highway. Even if you are stuck with your loved ones in the car, you wouldn’t appreciate a breakdown or flat tire in a place where you cannot get a mechanic faster than hours. Even if you use Google search as an option, you’d probably search for “car mechanics near me” and get a list. There are high chances of you getting charged high, or you may have to wait for hours.  

The on-demand mechanic app:

On-demand apps are probably the best innovative product by entrepreneurs in the 21st century. With the increasing number of smartphones and affordability of the internet, on-demand apps have changed the way businesses functioned in the past. People have started to consider comfort before anything else. These apps offer the essential services to the customers’ doorsteps, enhancing comfort. Entrepreneurs have adopted the concept of door-to-door service by on-demand apps to provide roadside assistance. Users can now fix their cars and bikes without having to leave their place. 

The on-demand mechanic apps are popularly known as Uber for mechanics in the market. This is due to the similarity in the business model and operations. This is the one-stop solution that drivers were looking for. These apps offer more than just getting the driver’s car fixed or changing tires. It embraces a wide variety of other car repair services. If you are an entrepreneur looking for opportunities to start your on-demand mechanic app business, here are the crucial features that you shouldn’t miss out on your application.

Transparent pricing:

Keep your price below the mark where people find it to be higher than local shops. The user must get a clear invoice at the end of every service. The invoice should be directly sent to the customer’s phone via SMS and email. Make sure that your services are affordable to everyone and keep your operations transparent to gain the trust of your customers. Customers will prefer your platform only if they get more value over for the price they pay. 

Live tracking of mechanics:

Time is a crucial factor in on-demand apps business as people expect the services to arrive on time in their hectic schedules. Live tracking can be an excellent feature for the users as they can monitor the real-time location of the mechanic assigned to them. The ETA will be frequently updated on the users’ smartphones, and they can guide the mechanics if required.

Secure payment gateway:

People will pay directly from their app as it supports a wide range of payment methods such as credit card, debit card, UPI, net banking, PayPal, etc. Ensure that the payment gateway is well secured with the latest encryption methods to avoid fraudulent activities in the application.

Advanced search features:

The app should be integrated with a filter option along with the search button to offer a better user experience. The users can modify the filters accordingly to find the type of service they require. They can also choose a mechanic based on their experience, price, special skills, etc. 

Multi-currency support:

Any geographical or economic difference won’t be a problem anymore for on-demand roadside assistance apps. Make sure that the app supports multiple currencies so that the user will not face any hassles to payments.  

Support team:

A support team should be available 24/7 to address the issues faced by the users and drivers. They can approach the support team via the chat box or choose to have a phone conversation. 

Fare estimation:

The user should know about each service's cost, so they must get an estimated bill value for every service they choose. The built-in fare estimation module should show the estimated fare so that the users can select the services they require before booking an appointment.  

In-app wallet:

This is an additional feature for the users and helps them to check out faster. The user can load some money in their wallets and make use of them to pay more quickly. The money will be instantly deducted from the account and users need not have to enter their card details every time during check out.  

In a nutshell:

In the modern world, where smartphones play a vital role in everyone's lives, they have become a go-to solution to get their essential services. The existing businesses in brick and mortar stores can adopt this business model to achieve their respective companies' milestones. These apps have revolutionized the way people used to live and offered opportunities for entrepreneurs to make the best use of digital space to boost their profits. Get in touch with an on-demand mechanic app development company to learn more about their development process and cost.  



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