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Date: Saturday, July 11th 2020

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What are “Uber for tow trucks” apps and how do they work? (15 Views)

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Not every one of us knows how to fix a flat tire or engine problems. At least once in our lives, we would have run out of gas in the middle of a highway. The only thing we can do in those situations is to call for help to tow your vehicle to the nearest gas station or garage. But what if this happens in the middle of a night or in a remote location. What if you don't speak that local language or you have trust issues? Even if you search for google results, it may not be accurate or trustable. It is a time-consuming process as you need to check for availability with a few operators. They might not charge reasonably, or the tow truck may not arrive on time.

The primary concern of anyone in a similar situation will be the cost. They are certainly not in a position to bargain as they don't want to miss the mechanic they found after a long process. It is highly uncertain that tow truck operators reduce their charges under any circumstances. Here comes the solution for this problem. This time the scenario can be approached with a mobile integration with the latest digital tools. Now the user need not have to worry about the lack of communication because of the locality, and need not have to ask for anyone's help. The user can get a tow truck to his/her location with a few taps on their roadside assistance application.

The user should precisely specify the issue faced at the location by checking off the boxes that say towing, flat tire, battery failure, engine failure, etc. The user's position will be shared with the provider via the GPS on their smartphone, and a tow truck will reach the user's location from the closest garage to fix the problem. These apps make lives more comfortable as it is a win-win situation for both sides. With the advancement in mobile-based applications and the rise in requirement for on-demand services, entrepreneurs have started to offer tow truck assistance apps to customers that cover a vast distance to provide services round the clock.

How does roadside assistance apps work? 


Customers can quickly register with the application by entering their email id or phone number. Some providers also include social media plugins to make the registration process easier for users.

Service selection:

It is difficult for users to explain the current location to the operators, so the app automatically detects the user's location and sends it to the operator.

Share vehicle info:

Customers will be prompted to add details of their car so that it will be easier to locate it. The app will ask for the make, model, and registration number of the vehicle. This can be useful for service professionals to find the car faster.

Service fulfillment:

The tow truck will reach the user's location in the quickest time to fix the issues on the spot or to help them to tow their vehicle to the nearest garage.

Reinventing the wheel:

Getting your car towed to the nearest garage or to call a mechanic to fix a flat tire in the middle of a highway is not an innovative thing as people used to follow the same procedure for several years. It is a common situation that everyone would face at least once in their lifetime. As technology is making its way to almost every sector and people have started to use on-demand service apps in their day to day activities. Hence, entrepreneurs have developed an app for offering roadside assistance to meet the needs of a user in the modern world. It is an essential service that people need as they face similar situations in their everyday life. 

Because of the nature of the application and its business model, these towing apps are popularly known as "Uber for tow trucks." Entrepreneurs are striving to offer a seamless experience for users by connecting them to the nearest garage with a few simple steps. These apps are designed with a minimalist approach to make sure that the user does not face any hassles while booking a tow truck. Even existing businesses can adopt these applications in their business model to yield more revenue as it effortlessly connects car owners with tow truck drivers. 

Bottom line:

A robust roadside assistance app with simplified management and enhanced operations will help to improve customer satisfaction. Choose your development team wisely as you need to develop three separate to manage these operations, namely the admin panel, driver panel, customer panel. Each of these panels will be optimized with the basic features that are needed to operate the business. You can improvise the user experience by adding exclusive features in the application, as it will ultimately lead to an increase in revenue.  


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