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Date: Saturday, July 4th 2020

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STO Exchanges (56 Views)

Topic Started By: scottmacyy       Created: Thursday, March 26th 2020 - 2:50 PM

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Finally, we have something here to stay from the world of cryptocurrency, the security tokens. After the serious downfall of Initial Coin Offering (ICO), the crypto crowdfunding model which turned out to be a fraudulent money laundering process. There was a slack in cryptocurrency investment. Many countries distanced themselves from this type of financing option.

Now, the cryptocurrency investment has gained momentum with the introduction of Security Token Offering (STO).

Security Token Offering is a tokenized IPO in the form of digital securities, known as security tokens. These tokens are sold in STO exchanges. These tokens are backed by real-world assets and more susceptible to regulations, thus it is considered a better investment option than ICOs. 

After 2018, STOs have been used in many traditional exchanges like Singapore exchanges created their own STOs for trading, Fédération Internationale des Échecs’ official broadcasting platform raised pre-IPO. 

STOs are becoming the go-to investment option for all classes of investors across the globe. Don’t wait for the right moment, anymore? It’s already here. Develop your security token for your business and list in the STO Exchanges to keep your business afloat with a seamless flow of funding. Contact Blockchain App Factory right away to get expert guidance. 

STO Exchanges

STO Exchanges

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