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Igbeneghu.. Forsaken by UNILAG, Foursquare (107 Views)

Topic Started By: quareebat       Created: Wednesday, October 9th 2019 - 2:38 PM

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At the point when an instructor in the Department of European Languages and Integrated Studies, University of Lagos (UNILAG), Dr Boniface Igbeneghu, met a '17-year-old' and made affectionate advances at her, it never jumped out at him that she was inconvenience. He woke up issue. Presently, he will discover dozing a Herculean assignment. 

A mystery video recording gave the teacher away as one of those partial to improperly exploiting female understudies. 

The BBC Africa Eye video titled "Sex for Grades" has prompted Igheneghu's suspension from the college and confinement from the UNILAG scholarly territory until a test into his exercises has been finished up. A female covert correspondent acted like a 17-year-old confirmation searcher to spill Igbeneghu's mystery. 

The college, in an announcement marked by the Principal Assistant Registrar (Communication Unit), Mrs Taiwo Oloyede, additionally reported the conclusion of the UNILAG Staff Club 'cold room', where instructors purportedly explicitly pestered understudies. 

Igheneghu, who was likewise head minister of a part of the Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria, has been asked by the congregation to step down from pastoral obligations because of his "unscriptural conduct" in the video. 

The video was a piece of BBC Africa Eye narrative which uncovered the deceptive inappropriate behavior practices of randy teachers in two well known West African colleges (UNILAG and the University of Ghana). 

The video 

In the video, Igheneghu vowed to help the '17-year-old', who moved toward him for assistance, with affirmation in the event that she was devoted. 

Be that as it may, from their first gathering for 'instructional exercises', Igheneghu started to uncover vile goals. 

He stated: "How old would you say you are? 17, and you look exceptionally enormous like this? Don't you realize you are an excellent young lady? Do you realize that? You are not delightful; you are an exceptionally excellent young lady. Do you realize I am a minister? What's more, I am in my 50s. What will stun you is that even at my age, on the off chance that I need a young lady of 17, all I need is to sweet-tongue her; give little cash and I will get her."

During a subsequent gathering, Igheneghu implored with the young lady "to lead her to Christ". 

He guided her to rehash after him: "Master Jesus Christ; admit the Lord Jesus Christ; I acknowledge that you are my Lord and guardian angel. Guide me and direct me. Much thanks to you, Jesus. Try not to stress over your affirmation. I will chip away at it." 

He before long moved to get some information about her sexual coexistence and confessed to all her their ventures mystery from everybody. 

"Have you begun knowing men?" Igheneghu inquired. 

When the young lady asked what he implied by knowing men, he stated: "Have you begun engaging in sexual relations? Look whatever we talk about, you are certain that your mom won't hear?" 

During another gathering, Igheneghu educated the columnist concerning a spot teachers take their prey for sexual capers at the UNILAG Staff Club. 

He stated: "There is an upper piece of the staff club where speakers complete their deeds… they call it 'cold room'." 

He additionally said such understudies are favored with decent evaluations – the advantage of being with the instructor. 

"She pays with her body," he stated, asking her to be respectful. "You must be devoted to have your confirmation." 

During that gathering, Igheneghu advised the columnist to kiss him subsequent to locking the entryway and turning off the light in his office. 

"Do you need me to kiss you? Lock the entryway; I will kiss you for a moment." 

The young lady asked: "Did you lock the entryway?" 

"Truly," Igheneghu murmured. 

He requested that her come nearer. 

Young lady: "I am near you as of now, sir." 

Igheneghu included: "Plunk down… .Come close" 

Young lady: "alright." 

Igheneghu: "Look… (folding his arms over her)… "You are so solid."

He finished up: "I can call you to come quickly; on the off chance that you don't come, at that point you realize you are no more. I will tell your Mom you are rebellious." 

The young lady reacted: "alright Sir". 

In the video, two graduated class of UNILAG said they were manhandled by Igheneghu. 

The main injured individual stated: "He will instruct you to go to his office. He will bolt the entryway. Now and then, he will need to grab you; some of the time, he will dry protuberance you. He jumps at the chance to single out battling understudies since he realizes that they are entirely powerless and there is no other option for them." 

The subsequent unfortunate casualty stated: "I never at any point gave my assent once. There was a period he was planning for Bible examination, and he was grabbing me and he was recording sacred writings." 

The video likewise noticed that one of the unfortunate casualties said she endeavored suicide multiple times in the wake of graduating following rehashed maltreatment by Igheneghu. 

UNILAG and the congregation's reaction 

In the college's announcement, its administration noticed that Igheneghu would be examined by an examination board. 

It peruses: "The University of Lagos Management today suspended Dr Boniface Igbeneghu of the Department of European Languages and Integrated Studies, Faculty of Arts who was trapped in a sting activity by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) titled "Sex for Grades". The inclining video chronicled instances of lewd behavior of female understudies by certain teachers in some West African Universities including the University of Lagos. 

"The executives at its crisis meeting of October 7, 2019, suspended Dr Igbeneghu from work quickly and banned him from the University scholarly territories while the suspension subsists except if welcomed by a Panel comprised by the University to research the issue. 

"What's more, the University Management has requested the shutdown of the Staff Club "Cold Room" referenced in the narrative for further examination. The alleged "Cold Room" is a Functions Room that may have been mishandled in light of the fact that this is a deviation from the reason for which it was made (gatherings, workshops, occasions, etc.)." 

The announcement further included that some other speaker arraigned once the full BBC Africa Eye video is discharged would be suspended and tested, portraying the outrage as humiliating. 

"The University guarantees individuals from the open that some other speaker referenced in the full form of the activity which is to be disclosed later today will likewise be suspended to guarantee a legitimate examination is completed.

"The University is humiliated and separates itself absolutely from this act(s) and any unseemly conduct of staff with female understudies and the other way around. The University has a well-explained 'Arrangement on Sexual Harassment, Sexual and Romantic Relationships'. A duplicate of the University Sexual Harassment Policy was appropriated to all individuals from staff and can likewise be gotten on the University site." 

The establishment further asked understudies to approach whenever badgering. 

The Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria, where Igbeneghu was a head minister, has additionally requested that the instructor "step down from every single clerical task." 

In an announcement by its National Secretary, Reverend Ikechukwu Ugbaja, the congregation noticed that it doesn't endure inappropriate behavior, which it portrayed as "intolerable and unscriptural". 

The announcement peruses: "The General open is thusly educated that as a blessedness and book of scriptures accepting church, we don't overlook such intolerable and unscriptural act among our pastors. We absolutely separate ourselves from the indicated lead of Dr Igbeneghu and guarantee to accept suitable measure when the progressing examination is closed. 

"In the interim, the minister being referred to has been approached to step down from every single clerical task." 

Genius Chancellor: Council would examine completely 

The Pro-Chancellor and Chairman, Governing Council of the University, Dr Wale Babalakin, said the Council would explore claims of lewd behavior against a speaker uncovered by a narrative, "Sex for Grades". 

"I have not seen the BBC report however I got wind of it early at the beginning of today. I can say for our Council that there is zero-resistance for inappropriate behavior. We will examine the issue altogether and anybody discovered needing will confront the results as indicated by the laws of the University. Understudies must not be made to languish over anything and your imprints must be straightforwardly proportionate to your presentation. Some other thing isn't insightful and would not go on without serious consequences," he said. 

ASUU, understudies censure embarrassment 

Instructors and understudies of UNILAG censured the sex-for-grade outrage, taking note of that the offender ought to be rebuffed by the laws of the college and the nation. 

Addressing The Nation, Chairman ASUU, UNILAG Chapter, Dr Dele Ashiru portrayed it as "foul, dishonest and unsuitable".

He included one significant test confronting endeavors at getting rid of such an outrage was the hesitance of unfortunate casualties to make some noise when explicitly bugged. 

Ashiru stated: "The bane lies in the hesitance of exploited people to approach and make some noise. It is dismal, sad and disgusting. We denounce in most grounded terms this sort of untrustworthy practices by any of our individuals. There are a considerable lot of such unscrupulous practices in the general public and we can't protect the college from such." 

Proceeding with further, he stated: "The issue must be researched and guilty party managed as per the laws of the college and the land." 

Proffering answers for evade repeat, he said errant individuals ought to be authorized, while compelling components ought to be set up for unfortunate casualties to shout out unafraid of assault. 

Understudies, who addressed The Nation on state of secrecy, likewise denounced the demonstration, which they said ought to be gotten rid of in the nation's tertiary organizations. 

An alumna of the University (names retained) said Igheneghu had been badgering understudies for as long as 10 years. 

"The person was famous in any event, when I was in school 10 years back. So he hasn't halted! Envision!" the law graduate revealed to The Nation. 

Everyone's eyes will be on the college's test board. The end positively has not been known about the issue.

Igbeneghu.. Forsaken by UNILAG, Foursquare

Igbeneghu.. Forsaken by UNILAG, Foursquare

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